Conference Happenings

Conference Happenings

Check out these additional events happening at Annual Meeting


LeadingAge wants to help you along your CareerPath.  Whether you are starting out in the field, mid level or transitioning to retirement, wherever you are along the journey, stop by and attend one of our career advice sessions, update your Linked In profile or spend a few minutes with an experienced career coach.  

Virtual Reality

Experience various aspects of the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in a transformational new way.  Pick up your VR cardboard viewer as you enter into the opening Keynote and whenever you see the LeadingAge 360 symbol, put your goggles on and step into the action.

Happy Hours

Join fellow attendees Sunday through Tuesday from 3:30 - 5:00 pm at our daily networking opportunity anyone looking to connect informally over a drink or cup of coffee.

Catalyst Campfires

While at the conference, visit our Catalyst Campfires, where you can meet and talk with some of the 2019 LeadingAge Catalysts—your peers who have been recognized for their innovation and quality by our new Catalysts program. Several Catalysts will be available for informal chats to discuss their programs outside the Keynotes, on Sunday and Tuesday. Check your LeadingAge conference app for details onsite!

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Public Ageism Experience

Join the residents of the city of San Diego on Saturday, October 26th in Gaslamp Square across the street from the convention center for our Ageism Awareness Acoustic Concert from 12 - 3 p.m.  Miss the concert? That’s ok, stop by the exhibit any day from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

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With an event as large as LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO, it's helpful to identify a place to meet. This year, we’ve added comfortable meeting spaces located throughout the convention center and in the exhibit hall which are available for informal meet-ups with peers or business partners. Each is numbered and no pre-scheduling is required. Just pick one on the map and plan to meet there at your designated time.

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No plans for the evening? No problem, sign up for one of our DineUps, and have dinner with attendees and exhibitors who also don't have plans. This opportunity provides the potential for making a new connection while checking out some of San Diego’s best spots! Once onsite, you can stop by the Restaurant Reservation/Concierge desk near LeadingAge Registration for more information.

What If We Gave Back?  

Pack something in your suitcase for someone in need.  Attendees will have the chance to donate items desperately needed by San Diego’s low-income seniors. Do the right thing for the people who need it most.

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What If We Celebrated Caregivers?

Let’s celebrate the winners of each of the state’s 2019 Front Line Caregiver Honorees. Help us bring these amazing professionals to a national spotlight.

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Gold Partner Stage

Between sessions, sneak in an extra 15 minute of knowledge and thought leadership at our "quick-learn" sessions sponsored by our Gold Partners.  

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