Deep Dive Workshops

Deep Dive Workshops

Sunday, October 27, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

200-P. Growth and Diversification: Balancing Strategic Opportunity and Risk

  • Recognize the unique challenges that governing boards face as they consider significant growth and diversification strategies.
  • Hear from several board chairs and CEOs about how their organizations have wrestled with the challenges of growth and diversification, the choices they have made, and the lessons learned.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the different types of growth and diversification strategies available to large, small, single-site, and multisite organizations, and take home tools and resources to stimulate informed decision-making in your boardroom.  

Jonathan Cook, President & CEO, LifeSpire of Virginia; Joanne Handy, Chairman of the Board, Trinity Health Senior Communities; Deborah Herbert, CEO, Monte Vista Grove Homes; Mary Lynn Spalding, President & CEO, Christian Care Communities; Rick Stiffney, Integrated Leadership and Consultancy


201-P. Understanding the Basics of Payment Reform

  • Delve into the trends and policies driving change and transformation in managed care and alternative payment models, including expectations for care coordination, cost of care or episodic costs, and maintained or improved outcomes.
  • Understand the essential elements of payment reform models, including the risks, rewards, and investments required of aging services providers.
  • Discuss the role that providers of post-acute, long-term services and supports, housing, and home and community-based services can and should play in these models.

Nicole Fallon, Vice President, Health Policy & Integrated Services, LeadingAge


202-P. Fundraising Trends: What Do They Mean for Your Organization?

  • Compare your organization to definitive benchmarks of philanthropy in the aging services sector, and forecast your future potential for fundraising based on key data points.
  • Understand what realistic return on investment results are for an aging services fundraising program, what you can do to meet or surpass those results, and how much you should invest based on your future potential for success.
  • Learn strategies for advancing your philanthropy program by setting realistic goals, aligning your fundraising strategy with future aspirations, and communicating your philanthropy story within your organization and in the greater community.

Kate Harris, Senior Consulting Analyst, and Cedric Richner III, Co-Founder & President, Richner & Richner; Les Helmuth, Executive Director, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community Foundation; Lynn O’Connor, President & CEO, Ingleside


203-P. Honing Your Authentic Leadership

  • Understand the importance of self-awareness and reflection in leadership practice, and appreciate how your unique personality, passions, and experiences as a leader influence your leadership style.
  • Explore opportunities to become a more self-aware leader, and learn how to know and act on your authentic self to enhance your ability to lead.
  • Appreciate the role of a support team that will help you remain true to your authentic self and help you integrate balance and meaning into your life and your work.

Kelly Papa, Vice President of Strategy and Community Life, Duncaster

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