My Community Showrooms

My Community Showrooms

The concept of the CCRC / Life plan community is evolving. The increasing demand for Senior Living options, the middle market needs and the generational evolution of the residents, is demanding a transformation of the current offerings.

The LeadingAge “my community showrooms” exhibit, is looking to spark those conversations by introducing the “village” concept.  An organic and inclusive idea that gets placed in an existing context, bringing those key components of a senior living environment into a multi-use setting, taking advantage of those synergies with the local food store, restaurants, wellness and cultural opportunities co-existing among each other.


Isabel’s Room | Memory Care

Room Sponsor: SENTRICS | Technology /TV/Safety


A comfortable space with no barriers for everyday activities of life.  Well-appointed furnishings and technology provide choices for residents, while making it easy for staff to do what matters most – care for their residents.  Cost effective flooring with high slip resistance help ensures resident independence and safety. 

Room Participant:

Hamilton CapTel
Captioned Telephone


    Isabel’s Bathroom

    Seamless integration of accessible and safe elements with integrated technology for activities of daily living.

    Room Participants: 

    Best Bath


    Grab Bars & Accessories


      My Community Sensory Room

      Room Sponsor: SELECT REHAB | Designing a Memory Sensory Room


      Key drivers of this space are accessibility, everyday activities as rehab, sensory features and fall detection technology.

      Room Participants:

      Fall detection technology

      South Paw
      Memory Sensory Products



        Socialization at My Community | We



        Room Sponsor: HEKMAN | Furniture


        Central living spaces with open views throughout the home create room for residents and staff to enjoy life together.  Everything about the space encourages socialization and interaction. Furniture, flooring, technology and simple elements like water, fire and the connection with the outdoors become the main aspect of the socialization in our everyday interactions with others.

        Room Participants:



        Bluworld of Water
        Encapsulated Water Feature

        Food Service MGMT Software



          My Community Outdoors + Biophilia

          Room Sponsor: SUMMER CLASSICS | Outdoor Furniture


          While the interior spaces are important, it is their connection to the outdoors which grounds a home.  The biophilic design of the room frames views out into natural areas through a secure, inviting

          outdoor space.      

          Room Participant:

          Bluworld of Water
          Encapsulated Water Feature


          My Community Administrative Suite

          The administrative component is a fundamental piece for any community to succeed.  Human resources, staffing, and marketing are just a few of those elements that make a community be viable, maintain and enhance the mission of any group or operator.  Areas for administration should make caregivers’ lives easier.  It is a space that welcomes visitors but also one that facilitates collaboration between staff.  Technology is an aid here, not a hindrance. 

          Room Participants:

          Employee Engagement/Customer Experience software

          Board Portal Software



             My Community | Connectivity

            A word that never has been more relevant in the industry.  How we connect with others while maintaining independence and privacy.  The importance of the operators to provide safe and open communication with their residents while enhancing the quality of life.

            Room Participants:

            Connected Living
            Resident Engagement

            Remember Stuff
            Empower loved ones who need cognitive support

            Internet Provider


              My Community Wellness

              The wellness suite puts the health of the resident first, in a warm and inviting environment. Physical therapy and exercise happen here as an extension of everyday life.


              My Community Salon

              Room Sponsor: PS SALON |Salon Management/furnishings

              Personal well-being elevating individual experiences and changing lives with our service culture and commitment to innovation.


              My Community Fitness Center

              Room Sponsor: MATRIX FITNESS - Fitness equipment and programing


              A simple concept that involves a wide range of elements in everyone’s daily living. Activity and self-esteem are fundamental aspects of wellbeing in this therapeutic space.

              Room Participant: 


              ActivLife Solutions
              Wellness Software



                Additional Donors:

                • HD Supply
                • Micro-Fridge         
                • NOA Medical     


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