Continuing Education Credits


A final list of pre-approved NAB, NASBA, RCFE and Nurse sessions are posted below. NEW Session Attendance Verification

NEW Session Attendance Verification

LeadingAge will capture session attendance using RFID-enabled name badges to record the time you enter and exit a session room; you no longer need to tap in/out of sessions using handheld scanners. RFID data verification is required for attendance to be awarded for sessions.

CE Eligibility

To be eligible for CEs you must be registered in a CE-eligible category and provide the required CE information on your registration form. In addition, you must be present for the full duration of each session; attendance cannot be granted be granted for late arrivals, early departures, or without RFID data verification.

Documentation of session attendance will be provided based on the RFID data collected onsite; please allow 4-6 weeks for data processing and reporting.


After careful consideration of the increasingly rigorous requirements and approval process resulting from the release of new standards, and the diminishing number of architects and social workers seeking continuing education credits, LeadingAge will no longer offer credit pre-approval from AIA and NASW.

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